About Me

Welcome to my website, I enjoy painting with techniques that use both a palette knife as well as a brush, that create multiple layers of colors.

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and grew up in Moscow, Russia. From an early age was involved with painting. I studied at the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry in Moscow, Russia, completing a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in 2006. Since that time I have worked professionally and currently live and work in Santa Barbara, California.

Please contact to me at:



Olga Hotujac


You can find my artwork at:

"Todd Weiner Gallery", www.toddweinergallery.com, 115 West 18th Street, Kansas City, MO, (816) 984-8538

"Harris Building Art Gallery", www.theharrisbuilding.com, 111 S. Division, Grand Rapids, MI, (616) 272-3682


Facebook: Olga Hotujac (and Friends)

Instagram: olga_hotujac